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Alexandria Bar Foundation: Tax deductible as 501(c)(3) charitable contribution.

Alexandria Law Library: Voluntary library contributions are tax deductible as 501(c)(3) charitable contribution.

Beat the Odds©: Tax deductible as 501(c)(3) charitable contribution.

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Membership Levels

 Practicing Virginia attorney with bona fide office within the City of Alexandria, or who resides within the City, or who certifies that a significant portion of their practice is before the Alexandria Courts. DUES: $285.00 (includes $60 law library contribution) 

ACTIVE, FIRST YEAR IN PRACTICE IN ALEXANDRIA: First year in practice in Alexandria and same as ACTIVE, above. DUES: $100 

ACTIVE, CA/PD/LSNV: Employed by the Commonwealth of Virginia. DUES: $195 (includes $45 law library contribution)


ASSOCIATE: Member in good standing with any state or Federal Bar. DUES: $225.00 (includes $55 law library contribution) 

STUDENT: Must be currently enrolled in an accredited law school, or have completed the required curriculum, but not yet passed the bar. DUES: $0.00